Floors should be treated with care. Changes in temperature, humidity, drought and other factors can affect their durability. For peace of mind, let the experts take care of your wooden floors and stairs.

For a flawless and attractive floor at all times, consider doing business with our team of professionals. Renovation, restoration and installation of wood floors of all types: White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut, African mahogany, Sapele, Hickory, Jatoba, and Maple.

Restoration of floors and stairs

We are experts in the art of restoring your wood flooring and stairs. Refurbishing of floors is carried out meticulously. Each gesture makes a difference and achieves long lasting results.

Floor installation

Do you want to install new floors in your home? Take advantage of our expert advice. We pay special attention to this delicate work.

Sandblasting and finishing of floors

Sandblasting and finishing are an intricate part of the floor restoration process. We add that little touch for impressive results. Dustfree sandblasting.

Varnish your floors and unveil their beauty of yesteryear. Dustfree varnishing also available.

For the most distinguished protection and a matte finishing, remember to have your floors oiled regularly. You will be satisfied every time.


Sale of floors

Parquet Royal Decor offers you the flawless floor: a wooden floor that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and your needs for quality, shine and durability. Choose from our different models.

Staining of wooden floors

Customize your floor dyes to revitalize or refresh the style of your wood. Transform and harmonize your floors to match the color of your ceramic, kitchen cabinet or bathroom. Restore your wooden stairs using the same tones as the wood floors in the adjacent rooms.